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April 29, 2015

MasterCard Has Right Idea with "One More Day of Vacation" Commercial

Now MasterCard is getting into the act. They want you to take one more day on your vacation. Because it's "priceless." They - of course - want you to use your credit card liberally on that day, and the rest of your vacation too.

I'm all for more employees actually using their vacation days. And making the most of their time off with their loved ones. Yes, that can be priceless.

But not if you're tethered to email or stepping away from the pool for a conference call you "just have to be on."  You might as well be back at work.

Haven't seen the commercial yet? See below for the clip.

MasterCard has the right idea. What might be most priceless is being present on your vacation because you've taken control of your work and email in advance, and have made a pledge to go email-free. Or as close as you can get! 

A very few of us might need to check email once a day. And if you do - time box it so it's as limited a time as possible. Maybe consider checking every third day.

Most of us -- with up front planning -- can step away.

I ask you to consider it -- an email-free vacation.

Who knows?  You might even get a charge out of it.

What's stopping you from going email-free on vacation?

- David Grossman


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