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February 14, 2022

New eBook – Holy Shift: Lead with Heart to Engage and Retain Employees During The Great Resignation


The trend of employees quitting jobs is like nothing seen before in history, with record numbers of employees leaving their roles for new opportunities today. No matter the reasons – including a desire for higher pay, better working conditions, or greater flexibility – the pain is real for employers. To quickly stem the tide, many leaders are now looking for fresh options to retain what they view as their company’s greatest asset – its people.

Our new eBook, Holy Shift: Lead with Heart to Engage and Retain Employees During The Great Resignation, examines the problem and offers practical, actionable guidance on how to reverse the trend, often referred to as “The Great Resignation.”

Leadership For A New Era

This unprecedented trend of employees leaving their jobs has many leaders scrambling, and nearly all our Fortune 500 clients are asking a version of the same question today:

How do we slow or halt turnover for the workers who remain?

This eBook provides leaders the context behind the problem and what we’ve found to be some of the smartest approaches for addressing it. It enables leaders to continue building the kind of winning employee culture and business results they’re striving for now and for years to come.

The eBook draws some of its insights from my latest leadership book, Heart First: Lasting Leader Lessons from a Year that Changed Everything. One of the biggest takeaways from the book is the importance of Heart First leadership – championing empathy, humanity and authenticity to build a stronger, better business through improved employee engagement and retention.

From the results I’ve seen with leaders, a Heart First leadership approach is absolutely helping organizations reverse the trend of employees leaving in droves. That’s because by being a leader unafraid to lead with heart, you naturally establish greater trust and stronger working relationships, not to mention a top-notch culture overall.

What To Expect In Holy Shift

The new Holy Shift eBook offers practical tips and guidance for building a stronger culture, one that employees are excited to be part of – and leaves them much fewer reasons to leave. In the book, you’ll find advice on topics such as:

  • Making a more personal connection to employees so they feel even more valued and appreciated
  • How to take more time to listen to employees, and get more substantive feedback
  • How to make the most of employee recognition efforts
  • The core components that lead to employee engagement
  • Striking a balance between company goals and employee preferences
  • Ensuring the business communications team is structured wisely
  • Workplace policies that help support employees
  • How manager training and effectiveness can help greatly enhance engagement
  • Proven communication strategies for improving engagement 

Get Your Free Copy

Download a free copy of the eBook today.

How could leading with heart better enable you to achieve your desired business outcomes?

—David Grossman

Click to download the free Holy Shift eBook

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