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March 28, 2022

[New IC eBook] The Secrets to Impactful Internal Communication in the Complicated World of Healthcare


COVID-19 has pushed those in the healthcare industry to their limits, requiring them to work around the clock to stabilize patients, discover new therapies, support those with non-COVID conditions and/or produce life-saving vaccines at warp speed. With the stakes, level of complexity and pace of working in healthcare only intensified by the pandemic, an already stressed workforce is looking to employers for clarity, guidance, support and connectedness—meeting those critical employee needs starts with impactful internal communication.  

In our new eBook, Internal Communications as a Differentiator for Healthcare Post-Pandemic, out today, we address how better communication customized to the unique needs of employees across the healthcare arena can bring real clarity on what their priorities should be, how their daily work links to broader organizational strategy, and the role that communication plays in driving employee engagement and building culture.

The eBook also speaks to the challenges leaders face in today’s dynamic and digital healthcare environment and covers the key steps to take when developing a truly meaningful communication plan that addresses both business outcomes and employee needs. 

It’s Time to Break Through the Communications Clutter

While healthcare will always be complex, there's an opportunity to break through the communication clutter and make outstanding employee communication a real priority within an industry that centers around people. This eBook helps put a spotlight on the communication strategies that are often overlooked or undervalued. Effective internal communication can definitely contribute to greater engagement, productivity and organizational performance. This resource helps you get there.

We've provided communications leaders with a turnkey guide for revamping their internal communication efforts to meet the unique needs of healthcare employees working in today’s unprecedented environment, including: 

  • Core challenges in today's healthcare business environment and what that means for communicators 
  • Communication's role in business strategy (and why strategies fail) 
  • The impact of poor communications on business overall and tips for how to turn it around 
  • New data on leaders and their real ability to build trust in corporate America today 
  • The latest approach to building an effective and realistic Employee-Employer Contract within healthcare 
  • The multitude of benefits from better communication inside the healthcare industry 

Access the Free eBook Today

Download a free copy of Internal Communications as a Differentiator for Healthcare Post-Pandemic today.

How can impactful internal communications help you differentiate your healthcare organization and drive business performance?

—David Grossman

Internal Communications as a differentiator for healthcare post-pandemic ebook

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