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May 10, 2016

Quick Tips: Key Pointers for Getting Your Presentation off to a Strong Start

If you’re like most people, public speaking probably isn’t your favorite thing to do – even if it is among staff and colleagues. But, getting off to a great start is easier than you might think.


Here are three quick tips for you to consider for your next presentation: 

1. Meet the audience where they are. Help the audience understand why they should listen
  • Build rapport by telling something about you and why you’re passionate about the subject

2. Grab the attention of your audience through a variety of ways

  • A short, relevant story
  • A startling statistic or important fact related to the subject
  • Ask a rhetorical question to make the audience think
  • Invite participation and welcome questions
  • In smaller groups, ask what the audience is expecting from the time with you

3. Clearly introduce the topic ahead and why the audience should continue listening intently

How might these tips help you during your next presentation?

- David Grossman


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