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February 18, 2020

The Value of Having an Evolving Mindset


A mindset that every leader should tattoo on (their brains).

I was working out at the gym and saw an amazing tattoo. It said, “Evolving.”

Whether it’s a tattoo or not, every leader can benefit from thinking about himself or herself as a work-in-progress. Not finished.

A Key to Greater Self-Awareness

When you think about yourself as evolving, it can help you be more open to reflection. That’s one of the keys to greater self-awareness. Knowing yourself better can help you be your best self and be true to who you are and your values.

Respectfully authentic leaders get to know themselves as well as they can in the moment, and know that as time goes on, you will evolve and grow. This allows you to be open to new experiences and not get stuck in who you are at the moment. This also helps you envision the person you are yet to become.

In what ways are you open to the opportunities each day where you can reflect?

—David Grossman

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