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April 6, 2020

Stop the Information Vacuum and Give Comfort to Your Employees


During times of change and uncertainty, there’s an information vacuum that fills whether we want it to or not.

It’s often the result of us as leaders waiting to communicate.

While we’re waiting to have more answers, more clarification, all the answers (which we’ll never have), the void gets filled, naturally and easily. And research shows it gets filled with typically more negative thoughts and conjecture than the reality.

How can we as leaders help?

Proactively communicate. Resist the temptation to wait to communicate.

Talk about what you know (and don’t know), when you know it. That’s why a planned cadence of connection points is so smart because you have regular and natural opportunities to share updates and open dialogue about various topics.

Chances are there’s a lot that you know that would be helpful for your employees to hear.

Think – here’s what I know today….here’s what I don’t know.

How might even more proactive communications benefit your team in these uncertain times?

—David Grossman

To help leaders and communicators lead and communicate with employees during COVID-19, we've developed a resource page of tips and strategies that we're updating regularly. Click below to get the resources:

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