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May 15, 2018

The One Thing to Try in the Face of Any Challenge

Noa-on-her-termsMy daughter, Noa, on her terms.

I recently had a parent-teacher conference about my youngest daughter, Noa, with her kindergarten teacher who’s a rock star. We were talking about how Noa’s very capable overall, and is a child who does things when she’s ready, and on her terms. “Her terms” is the key phrase, which Steve and I wholeheartedly support.

He relayed to us a time when the kids built this elaborate structure where they were playing a very involved game. Long story short, the building ended up crashing and many of the kids were upset and feverishly trying to rebuild. 

Noa, on the other hand, grabbed a snack, laid down in the rubble and went, "eh.” Sometimes in the face of a catastrophe or big challenge, we need to follow Noa's lead and take a deep breath, take stock of what we have, and grab a snack.

That’s one way to respond to life. On our terms.

—David Grossman

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