Updated Free eBook – The Leader Differential: 5 Steps to Thrive; an Internal Communications Primer for Leaders

Posted by David Grossman on Mon, Apr 16, 2018

The Leader Differential: 5 Steps to Thrive; an Internal Communications Primer for Leaders has remained one of our more popular eBooks over the years. And because it’s a resource that you – our subscribers – know and love, we’ve gone ahead and made some updates so it remains a valuable resource for you.


It’s no secret today’s business leaders and communicators are faced with a “new normal” inside organizations that raises a number of workplace communication (and even engagement) challenges.

Because of changes such as increased globalization, changing workforce demographics, an increase in virtual employees, technological and digital advances, and more, employees are more skeptical – and in some cases – more wounded than ever before.

It's with that in mind that 5 Steps to Thrive comes in. The sought-after eBook is an internal communications primer for leaders that offers insights on the kinds of strategies that can rebuild an organization’s culture and produce exciting business results.

What’s New 

In the latest edition of 5 Steps to Thrive, readers will find new and improved content on the five steps needed to propel your company, agency or team onto the next level, including:

  • Get a Mirror: Advice for role modeling the behavior you want to see in your employees
  • Plan Your Communication: Tips for being more strategic in your planning and communication
  • Listen: Guidance on how to really listen to what your employees are telling you
  • Control the message: A primer for how to control the communication in a good way
  • Think about the benefits: Thoughts on how your communication can truly benefit the overall culture inside the organization

Get Your Copy 

Click below to downloadThe Leader Differential: 5 Steps to Thrive. After all, everything that a company and its leaders want to accomplish happens through people, making communication a critical business tool and an important differentiator.

In what ways are you navigating this “new normal” and how might some tweaks to your communication improve results?

—David Grossman


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