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March 6, 2018

Updated Free eBook – Going Slow to Go Fast: Making Internal Communication Work for You

Going Slow to Go Fast: Making Internal Communication Work for You has been one of our most downloaded eBooks to date. And because it’s a resource that you – our subscribers – know and love, we’ve taken some time to update it for you. 


The eBook remains a go-to resource for communicators who want to build a strategic, streamlined, and effective internal communication plan that speaks directly to the number-one question on business leaders’ minds: How will this improve our bottom line? 

It addresses why communication is essential, how to break through and avoid communication clutter and covers the key steps to developing a communication plan. 

And while these tips are tried and true, there is some new fodder for you. 

What’s New 

With the business environment changing over the past couple of years, we need to pay special attention, now more than ever, to what really helps a company go from good to great. 

In the latest edition of Going Slow to Go Fast, you’ll find new and improved content on:

  • Core challenges in today’s business environment and what that means for you
  • Communication’s role in business strategy (and why strategies fail)
  • The impact of poor communications on business overall
  • New data on leaders and their ability to build trust in corporate America today
  • The latest facts and figures on the cost of employee disengagement
  • And more! 

Get Your Copy 

Click below to download—Going Slow to Go Fast: Making Internal Communication Work for You—and see why good employee communication can improve an organization's success by turning strategy into action. 

What are the biggest challenges you face today when it comes to internal communication?

—David GrossmanGoing-Slow-to-Go-Fast-eBook-CTA


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