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April 27, 2016

Webinar 5/17 - Be More Authentic! And Help Leaders Speak in Authentic Voices, Too

This 75-minute webinar for communications professionals is designed to help you - and the leaders you support - find your authentic voice in business.  


There’s no magic formula to authentic leadership. There is no certain type of leader who’s most effective. There are strategies that help leaders be more of their true selves to build relationships, drive engagement and deliver business results.

Join me, in partnership with Ragan Communications, Tuesday May 17, 2016 from 2 – 3:15 pm CST and get perspective on how important authenticity is in the workplace, and how to achieve it.

In this session focused on self-awareness and better counseling and supporting senior leaders, you’ll learn 9 things, including:

  • What authenticity is and isn’t
  • To know how you’re doing at being authentic, and ways to build your emotional intelligence
  • How real leaders reap the benefits of authenticity and how they build trust
  • How to use self-disclosure as a powerful tool to help others know the real you
  • Why every leader should have a personal platform that matches words to actions
  • Why you should help leaders build a personal platform
  • How make your senior leaders shine
  • How to drive results by revealing leaders’ authenticity
  • How to help leaders build emotional intelligence

Click here to register & reserve your spot today!

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