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September 15, 2017

Weekly Round-Up: 10 Communication Tips, Everyone is a Leader, Tips for First-Time Managers, Leadership Traits, & Relationships in Change


Welcome to my weekly round-up of recent top leadership and communication blog posts. As many of you know, each week I read and tweet several great articles and on Fridays, I pull some of my favorites together here on my blog.

This week you’ll read articles on the top 10 communication tips for women, tips for first-time managers, why everyone should see themselves as a leader, 5 leadership traits of great leaders, and how to forge resilient relationships in the heat of change. These articles will provide you with tips, strategies and thought-starters from many of the smart folks in my network. So whether you’re a new leader or an industry veteran there’ll be something here for you.

  • Top 10 Communication Tips for Women
    By Kelly Decker (@DeckerComm), Decker Communications

    “What’s the best way to get noticed, get into the up-and-comer pipeline and start to win more leadership roles earlier? Start by fast tracking your communication skills now—don’t wait for that big opportunity to project confidence and polish up your presence…”
  • Leading the Team: Tips for First-Time Managers
    By Philip Kendall (@Achievers), Achievers

    “Congratulations, you’ve been promoted! Your hard work, enthusiasm, and initiative has finally paid off and you’ve been tasked with leading a team of your own. But how? Now that you find yourself standing in front of a sea of expectant faces, are you supposed to do that?…”
  • Why Everyone Should See Themselves as A Leader
    By Lolly Daskel (@LollyDaskal)

    “The other day I was talking with a friend about leadership and I was saying that everyone is a leader, and he replied with a question, ‘What about people who don’t think of themselves as a leader?’…”
  • 5 Leadership Traits of Great Leaders
    By Jack Canfield (@JackCanfield)

    “Whether you’re climbing the corporate ladder, building a network marketing downline, working for social change, or even coaching a Little League team or organizing a civic event, knowing leadership traits of effective leaders will make you more successful in any role…”
  • How to Forge Resilient Relationships in the Heat of Change
    By Skip Prichard (@SkipPrichard)

    “Business leaders often focus on profits and metrics, living in spreadsheets and analytics. But what drives these results is people and relationships. So often it’s the resilient relationships, those that are forged in uncertain and difficult times that make the difference...”

What were some of the top leadership articles you read this week?

—David Grossman

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