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April 27, 2018

Weekly Round-Up: 25 Quotes by Great Female Leaders, Building Your Team’s Capacity to Think, 3 Leadership Lessons From Pilot Tammie Jo Shults, Workplace Inclusion, & Positive Culture


Welcome to my weekly round-up of the best-of-the-best recent leadership and communication blog posts. 

  • 25 Exhilarating Quotes by Great Female Leaders
    By Meg Prater (@Meg_Prater via @HubSpot), HubSpot

    “To celebrate their incredible minds and contributions, I’ve put together a list of 25 quotes by amazing women whose words encourage me to push a little harder, speak up a little louder, and swap doing for dreaming. I hope they do the same for you…” See more.
  • Critical Thinking: 5 Ways to Build Your Team’s Capacity to Think
    By Karin Hurt (@LetsGrowLeaders), Let’s Grow Leaders

    “’Karin, TRUST me. I would LOVE to delegate more of these decisions and loosen up the reigns, but then I go out into the field and find all this crap. I just don’t think we have the critical thinking skills we need for success.’ Have you ever said those words? Yeah, me too. Can you imagine the freedom in knowing that your team will use the same (or better) ‘common sense’ as you when the going gets tough?...” See more.
  • Workplace Inclusion: Champion the Start
    By Kate Nasser (@KateNasser), Smart SenseAbilities Blog

    “Resisting or even arguing against workplace inclusion is rather useless. One simple truth will always overcome it: Everything and everybody needs a starting chance. You included. Others opened the door for you!…” See more.
  • How could I develop a positive culture?
    By Marcella Bremer (@MarcellaBremer), Leadership & Change

    “In this blog, I’ve been reviewing many small, personal ways to contribute to a more positive culture at work. But what if you want to engage your whole organization? In that case, a culture survey might be a good starting point. It helps to map where you are now and where you would like to go and start the conversation…” See more.

What were some of the top leadership articles you read this week?

—David Grossman

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