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May 26, 2017

Weekly Round-Up: Engage Employees, Do Leaders Need Charisma, Knowing Yourself, Company Leaders of the Future, & Structuring Unforgettable Messaging

Welcome to my weekly round-up of recent top leadership and communication blog posts. As many of you know, each week I read and tweet several great articles and on Fridays, I pull some of my favorites together here on my blog.


This week you’ll read articles on how to engage employees in your customer experience strategy, do you need charisma to be a good boss, how well do you know yourself, five skills you’ll need to lead the company of the future, and 3 ways effective communicators structure unforgettable messages. These articles will provide you with tips, strategies and thought-starters from many of the smart folks in my network. So whether you’re a new leader or an industry veteran there’ll be something here for you.

  • Do You Need Charisma to be a Good Boss?
    By Adi Gaskell (@adigaskell), The Horizons Tracker

    “As the UK announced a snap election this summer, the inevitable analysis of the party leaders commenced. One of the common accusations labeled at Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn is that he lacks charisma. It got me thinking just how important that is as a leadership quality…”
  • How Well Do You Know Yourself?
    By Marcella Bremer (@MarcellaBremer), Leadership & Change

    “Research shows that you deliver your greatest contribution if you know yourself well and use your strengths and work according to your values. Here are some exercises and questions to use…”
  • Five Skills You’ll Need to Lead the Company of the Future
    By Jared Lindzon (@JLindzon via @FastCompany), Fast Company

    “In the traditional corporate model, strong leaders pursued a singular vision through the strong command of an organization. Today, we live in a time of rapid change, when products and services often become obsolete overnight, and competition includes startups and companies in adjacent industries–the traditional leadership archetypes need not apply…”
  • 3 Ways Effective Communicators Structure Unforgettable Messages
    By Thai Nguyen (@ThaiWins via @Entrepreneur), Entrepreneur

    “Even the best ideas must be presented in a way the listener will understand and remember. Effective communicators rely on structure. You may be the smartest person in the room, but if you can’t communicate what you know, you’re not of much value to others. The million-dollar ideas inside your head are worthless if you’re unable to express them to potential partners and investors...”

What were some of the top leadership articles you read this week?

—David Grossman

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