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March 13, 2020

Weekly Round-Up: Keeping Remote Workers Engaged and Productive, Communication Guide in Response to Coronavirus, Strategies and Tools for Staying Productive, Are You Ready?


Welcome to my weekly round-up of the best-of-the-best recent leadership and communication blog posts. 

This Week's Round-Up of Leadership and Communication Blogs:

  • Employee Engagement During the Coronavirus
    By Brunswick (@BrunswickGroup)

    Here are approaches and initiatives that are resonating with companies being directly impacted by the coronavirus outbreak.

    “In a fast moving and sensitive period like this, employee engagement is critical. Companies need to keep morale high. Avoid loss of focus and productivity. And help their people stay connected with each other. It requires a new approach...”

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  • Your Guide to Communicate Proactively to Employees in Response to Coronavirus
    By David Grossman (@ThoughtPartner), The Grossman Group

    With the number of confirmed cases of coronavirus growing around the globe, I’m sure many (if not all) of you are communicating with – and listening to – your people around the subject. As with all potential crisis situations, being open, proactive, candid, clear and frequent with communication is the best practice. With that in mind, I’ve put together some practical communication tips to help.

    As in all potential crisis situations, being open, proactive, candid, clear and frequent with communication is the best practice. While large multi-national employers will face the biggest questions and planning needs, every organization – no matter the size – should have a plan in place for communicating with its workforce about the coronavirus...”
  • Working in a Coronavirus World: Strategies and Tools for Staying Productive
    By Dion Hinchcliffe (@dhinchcliffe via @ZDNet), ZDNet

    The trend of working remotely is experiencing a major boost as businesses shift to digital channels and more people avoid working in proximity. Here are key approaches and tools to get the most from remote work.

    “While each of us certainly hopes that coronavirus won't become a major health event in their part of the world, the reality is that businesses are already considering every contingency plan with a close eye towards avoiding serious disruption of their operations...”
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  • With Coronavirus in Mind, Is Your Organization Ready for Remote Work?
    By Jackie Wiles via Gartner (@Gartner_inc)

    Steps to make the remote work experience productive for both employees and your organization during this time.

    Are you reading this article in your work-from-home office space? Thanks to the spread of COVID-19 coronavirus, remote work is suddenly a new choice for many employees — and an overnight requirement for some. Few organizations feel prepared for large-scale remote work, but you can take steps to make the experience productive for both employees and your organization...”

What were some of the top leadership and communication articles you read this week?

David Grossman

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