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April 14, 2017

Weekly Round-Up: Lessons from United Airlines, Brutal Leadership Truths, Strategic Leaders, Life & Leadership Lessons, & the Double Bind

Welcome to my weekly round-up of recent top leadership and communication blog posts. As many of you know, each week I read and tweet several great articles and on Fridays, I pull some of my favorites together here on my blog.


This week you’ll read articles on leadership lessons from United Airlines, 3 leadership truths no one likes to admit, 6 things strategic leaders do, 10 life and leadership lessons you should have learned as a kid, and the double bind of leadership. These articles will provide you with tips, strategies and thought-starters from many of the smart folks in my network. So whether you’re a new leader or an industry veteran there’ll be something here for you. 

  • 3 Brutal Leadership Truths No One Likes to Admit
    By Annabelle Smyth (@ThinDifference), Thin Difference

    “Let’s face it; leadership can be incredibly challenging. Although some people have a natural inclination for leadership roles, it doesn’t eliminate the effort it takes to become successful. It doesn’t negate the value of experience and dedication. And it certainly doesn’t get rid of the challenges that leaders are bound to face…”
  • Strategic Leaders Do These 6 Things
    By Matt Monge (@MattMonge), The Mojo Company

    “We’ve all been there, right? You can’t turn around without stepping in…it. Just when you think you’ve got everything under control(ish), something else goes sideways, and you’re left trying to put out yet another fire. And somehow, some way, amidst all that, you’re supposed to — get this — think strategically about the direction of your team, department, and organization. I can hear you now…”
  • Leadership and the Double Bind
    By Ed Batista (@edbatista)

    “A double bind is an interpersonal situation in which conflicting messages are communicated or competing demands are imposed, creating a trap that can be a powerful source of distress and frustration...”

What were some of the top leadership articles you read this week?

—David Grossman

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