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October 20, 2015

Whether They Like It or Not, Workers Still Rely on Email

If you want to make a big impact on email volume, be careful to make sure you’re reflecting the culture of your organization. The fact is that many employees rely on email and actually appreciate it as a key internal communications tool. 

Research by The Grossman Group shows that while employees want email misbehaviors addressed, they do not want their ability to use email as a communication tool curtailed.

The data is revealing: 

  • Email is seen as an effective and necessary communication tool by more than three-quarters of all audiences (84% of executives; 83% of middle managers; 77% of employees)
  • Limiting email outside normal business hours  is seen as very effective by few (11% of executives; 20% of middle managers; 13% of employees)
  • Limiting email during normal business hours carries even less support (8% of executives; 15% of middle managers; 11% of employees)
  • While respondents said they don’t want access to email interrupted, they do want policies that address the overwhelming volumes of irrelevant emails. 61% of executives and 55 % of middle managers said that email policies would be very effective in their organization. 

According to a December 2014 Pew Research study email ranks as the most important digital tool for workers who use the Internet.

  • Some 61% of workers who use the Internet say email is very important to their jobs, according to this study.
  • Only 4% of networked workers cite social media as very important on the job.

“Email has survived the onslaught of threats and competitors to remain the most important digital tool for workers,” the report stated.

How much do your workers rely on email and how can you help them to use email even more productively?

--David Grossman


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