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Turning Assessment Data, Diagnostics and Insights into Business Results

All too often, organizations churn out messages to employees using the same vehicles that have been used for years.

At a time when resources in most organizations are tighter than ever, few organizations have the data needed to make fact-based decisions about the effectiveness of communication. And when they do, many don't have the advanced statistics and diagnostics to help them know where to start to improve communication. Others lack leader-specific data, which hampers them from helping poor performing leaders as well as leveraging best practices of those who excel.

Organizations across industries have come to The Grossman Group for a proven methodology and approach, along with comparable data that helps organizations know where they stack up compared to others. These organizations include AOL, Rockwell Automation, Carolinas HealthCare System, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Johnson Controls, Unum, Microsoft, and WellPoint, among others.

Applying the Grossman Methodology, The Grossman Group leverages its award-winning experience to offer the Internal Communication Climate Index™, a proven assessment model with built-in frameworks and flexibility to deliver advanced statistics, sound analysis, company comparables, and actionable results that ensure internal communications meet employee needs and drive the right business outcomes.

Here are some of the results:

  • In one year’s time, communication effectiveness scores for the CEO of a Fortune 50 health benefits company made double digit gains. Employee perceptions of the quality of internal communications increased on average seven percentage points. Over the course of four years, the company’s overall communication effectiveness increased more than 20 percent.
  • A major energy company eliminated a six-figure communication vehicle and more than a dozen low-traffic vehicles. This allowed them to re-allocate money and time to higher-impact work.
  • One leading government agency used the data to build a case for introducing social media strategies, which countered and reduced traffic on negative employee chatter blogs.
  • A global manufacturing company used the data to track progress around understanding of the overall company strategy, which created a business case and a successful resource-ask to drive understanding of the strategy.
  • Measurement in one business unit for a global technology company led to a groundswell of interest by other business units to measure effectiveness. This also led to the start of normative data for the organization.