Building Community Relations Functions

Lockheed Martin: Building a Community Relations Function that Defines and Grows the Business

Lockheed Martin’s Community Relations program was extensive, but the company lacked a cohesive corporate strategy aligned with overall business goals.

As a result, community relations activities were scattered and the company wasn’t able to tell a coherent story or leverage its significant investment more broadly.

The Grossman Group partnered with Lockheed Martin to develop a strategic Community Relations framework aligned with the company’s business priorities. Using findings from primary and secondary research, The Grossman Group helped Lockheed Martin identify its key areas of focus for community relations, based on current and future business needs. The resulting framework provided the right amount of guidance and flexibility to ensure Lockheed Martin’s community relations program would be aligned nationally for maximum impact and benefit, while also allowing for local community involvement at the business unit level. This became the foundation for a cohesive internal branding effort and corporate-wide rollout plan.

Lockheed Martin’s Community Relations strategy and actions are now more closely aligned with the company’s business goals and priorities. The framework helped Community Relations representatives structure programs according to national guidelines while meeting local needs, and position Lockheed Martin as a valued, trusted community partner.

The program also raised internal and external awareness about the value of Community Relations through a variety of channels, including the first-ever advertisements featuring Lockheed Martin’s commitment to Community Relations.