Business Results through Enhanced Communications

Equipping Leaders at Every Level to Drive Business Results Through Enhanced Communications

Multiple studies tie employee engagement to retention, productivity, profitability and customer engagement — all drivers of business results. How leaders and the organization communicate is critical to engaging employees.

Enter The Grossman Group’s proprietary suite of Ultimate Leader Tools. Providing solutions to leaders’ most common and crippling business issues, Ultimate Leader Tools are the answer for leaders at any level looking to elevate their impact and accelerate results.

Leaders choose from more than two dozen tools and solution sets to address pain points such as:

  • Not thinking they have time to communicate
  • Uncertainty around how to deliver bad news or communicate during times of change
  • Unproductive meetings with no action and low accountability
  • Disconnect and distrust between leaders and their employees

Today, thousands of front-line supervisors and senior leaders in Fortune 500 companies use The Grossman Group’s Ultimate Leader Tools. Thousands more have seen the power of the tools around the globe through conferences and workshops.

Available for licensing, Ultimate Leader tools can be used directly off the shelf, or be customized to meet the specific needs of any organization. And they can be paired with Ultimate Leader Training to set leaders up for success from the start.

Ultimate Leader Tools are hard at work in organizations such as:

  • Accor North America
  • Cisco
  • A Fortune 100 health benefits company
  • Honeywell
  • HTC
  • Nielsen
  • Pioneer Hi-Bred
  • Rockwell Automation
  • Texas Instruments
  • A Fortune 100 integrated pharmaceutical and health care company