Creating Buy In

Leading Medical Device Manufacturer: Developing Strategy and Creating Buy-in

A new CEO and his new leadership team set its sights on redefining one of the world’s leading suppliers of hospital beds and other equipment.

It was critical for them to establish credibility quickly in the eyes of their global employee base and at the same time articulate and roll out a new business strategy for the future.

The Grossman Group was brought on to align the leadership team — many of whom had never worked together — and help them shape and communicate their strategy in a way that galvanized employee around the world to embrace the change. Increased competition amid a shrinking marketplace meant high stakes…employees needed to know the business, understand where it’s headed, and the role they play in making it a success.

The Grossman Group helped define the business strategy in a meaningful way for employees and coached senior leaders to be more effective communicators and more unified in delivering their strategy. When the top 100 leaders convened, we partnered with senior leadership to make the most of the opportunity to gel as a team, set the strategy, align around their role in communicating it, and translate the strategy into action for their teams.

Senior leaders were ecstatic with the results (which is one of The Grossman Group’s values). And, according to one executive, we got the job done, “We’re so pleased with the results of the strategy development process. Our leaders are now armed with the right tools and techniques to engage their employees so everyone feels a part of the company and its future.”