Elevating CEO Performance

Fortune 50 Health Benefits Company: Elevating CEO, Company Performance

It was a defining moment for a Fortune 100 health benefits company...

Consider what faced a new CEO and her leadership team, employees who didn’t yet know the leadership team (but were on the verge of forming opinions), no leadership or internal communication plan in place, no data around employee communication needs, and two agencies had previously failed the assignment.

In less than one month, The Grossman Group worked with the company’s Communications team to conduct employee research and develop an internal communication plan that would “wow” the CEO and set the right direction at a critical time for the Internal Communications department and company.

Work included leadership and internal communications strategies such as developing leadercommunicator™ platforms for the executive team, revamping an annual employee newsletter for greater impact, and leveraging the intranet for more timely communications and greater leadership visibility. The Grossman Group also is supporting several of the company’s key business areas with strategic messaging using the proprietary messagemap™ methodology and supervisor tools and training.

In just one year, follow-up research revealed significant improvements:

  • Across-the-board improvements in the company’s effectiveness at keeping associates informed to:

    • Speak positively about the company (11 point increase, from 54 percent to 65 percent)
    • Help associates understand how their jobs fit into the company’s goals (15 point increase, from 45 percent to 60 percent)
    • Help associates do their jobs well (11 point increase from 46 percent to 57 percent)
  • Increases on nine key attributes of “quality” of communications (e.g. timely, credible, trustworthy, relevant) ranging between 5 -and 9-point increases;
  • Increased ratings of each communication attribute of the CEO, most in double-digit gains, while the number of “don’t know” responses decreased.