Elevating Communications

Rockwell Automation: Elevating a Communications Team from “Good ” to “Great”

The company’s aggressive plans for improving growth and performance meant change needed to happen in terms of how employees were informed and engaged in the business strategy.

Although the state of the company’s communications with employees were good, the new head of Internal Communications knew that the function could be leveraged more strategically to engage employees in ways like never before.

With The Grossman Group as its partner, the Internal Communications team set out to elevate its function with a more strategic structure and through customized training around message development, internal consulting skills, and more. The goal was to improve their internal communication and consulting competencies and skills.

In addition, The Grossman Group helped plan and implement innovative communication strategies to support the company’s critical priorities and create more meaningful connections with employees around the globe. Key work includes:

  • Visualizing the company’s strategy in a simple, consistent, and easy-to-read format for employees around the world to understand and align around.
  • Communicating the results of the global engagement survey to the entire workforce in a visual, high-impact way.
  • Measuring the effectiveness of communication inside multiple business units to develop data-based communication plans that will increase the leader’s communication effectiveness and meet employees’ needs and preferences.
  • Mapping connections between engagement results and communication drivers.
  • Developing easy-to-read print and online templates and resources for leaders and employees to drive action for key business and HR priorities and reinforce communication best practices.