Building a Strategic Framework for Diversity & Inclusion to Guide Partnership and Resource Decisions


McDonald’s Diversity resources were over-extended with so many external partnerships at the national and local level. However, leaders in D&I couldn’t tell whether they were getting an appropriate return on the investment from their external partnerships, and resource limitations forced local Diversity teams to rely on the national team to execute most of the work.

In addition, the team couldn’t make a strong case for getting more resources from executive management.


McDonald’s D&I team engaged The Grossman Group to help develop a messagemap and a national strategic framework to guide decisions about external partnerships. The framework helped ensure the team focused on the areas of greatest impact for the business. In addition, The Grossman Group developed a decision-making tool for local Diversity teams to engage them in making objective and smart decisions about external partnerships at the local level.

Both the national and local D&I team members began using the framework to determine partners to sign on (or transition). In addition, the leaders of the department used the framework and messaging to engage executive management in a dialogue around the “state” of the function and necessary changes to make D&I work even harder for the business.