Featuring Burst
Featuring a new Foreword by
Jeff Stratton, Executive Vice President and Worldwide Chief Restaurant Officer,
McDonald’s Corporation.

2nd Edition

Everything leaders do communicates—whether they want it to or not: How they spend their time, what they focus on, whom they interact with, the employees they recognize, and beyond.

It was this realization that inspired David Grossman’s first book, You Can’t NOT Communicate: Proven Communication Solutions That Power the Fortune 100, and its follow up, You Can’t NOT Communicate 2.

    Now David is back with a new edition of the original You Can’t NOT Communicate that’s bigger and even better.
  • A new foreword by Jeff Stratton, Executive Vice President and Worldwide Chief Restaurant Officer of McDonald’s Corporation, focuses on the importance of good communication to everything McDonald’s does, from motivating employees to offering outstanding customer service.
  • Expanded content explores the business of communicating and offers an in‑depth guide to strategic planning for CEOs.

About You Can’t NOT Communicate

Everything you do and say communicates SOMETHING. So not communicating is not an option. In fact, the most effective leaders know that their success hinges on being leadercommunicators.

David Grossman, author and award‑winning leadership communication expert, has spent years asking his clients: "If you know that you are constantly communicating, don’t you want to do it effectively?" In You Can’t NOT Communicate: Proven Communication Solutions that Power the Fortune 100, David shares his road‑tested communication strategies—the same strategies that have helped leaders at some of the world’s best‑known companies find success and become leadercommunicators.

“Worth a read? In short, yes...an ideal pocket guide for any leader looking to connect with their employees and take internal communication to the next level.”


“If you’re looking to become a better communicator...I would recommend starting with You Can’t NOT Communicate.

Leader Lab

“Perceptive and intelligent, this book remains easily readable and is a book that you can dip into time and time again.”

Brain Cram

“Definitely a solid resource to add to your collection; the classic tools and approaches are timeless.”

Executive Roundtable

“David gives you lots of practice, real-world, wise, straight-forward advice on how to communicate more effectively as a leader — all tips and techniques you can start to implement the day after you finish reading it.”

— Eric Jacobson, Kansas City Leadership Examiner

“This must-read book highlights the importance of communication in bridging the organization’s strategies and goals with an individual’s performance. This is the key to making things happen and getting results.”

— Norm Wesley, Former Chairman and CEO, Fortune Brands

“I found ‘You Can’t NOT Communicate’ to be practical, wise, smartly designed — an example of what it recommends to its readers.”

— Jon Iwata, Senior Vice President, Marketing and Communications, IBM Corporation

“David has a remarkably ‘simple’ way of making communicating and the art of communicating into a strategic weapon for an organization.”

— Raj Gupta, Executive Director, THE CEO Perspective Program, Kellogg School of Management