For more than 20 years, David has been working with Fortune 100 leaders to improve their effectiveness, to educate internal communications experts on best practices, and to help working America understand how great internal communication is at the heart of every successful company, from the dynamics of daily relationships and messaging to overall corporate strategy and results.

Whether speaking to a large group or training a leadership team, David offers inspiration, motivation, and actionable strategy. He helps audiences understand the value of internal communication, and teaches the skills today that can be implemented for measurable change tomorrow.

David has a way of presenting that engages listeners at many levels. He presents content in a frank way that, without lecturing, invites and challenges listeners to think differently about their own knowledge of the topic at hand. He moves at a comfortable, orderly pace. That pace holds interest as it guides listeners on a practical exploration of communication theory, strategy and tactics. It is a delight to listen to David present on any topic.

Jim Streed, Manager, Internal Communications, Integrys Energy Group, Inc.

Your insights added significant value to the event. Our CEOs and other leaders repeatedly referenced your presentation during Day 2 discussions; and we continue to encourage conference attendees to follow your guidance.

Paul Maxwell, Corporate Communications Director, Hancock Holding Company

Too often we get tunnel vision and find ourselves responding to what’s in front of us instead of stopping to think about how we’re adding value. David Grossman’s presentation was a good reminder to pause and think about what your elevator speech is (how you’re adding value) and how you’re executing on it.

Lori Vodraska, Sr. Communications Consultant, Principal Financial Group

David Grossman’s presentation on How to Think Like a CEO was fantastic. He tells the best stories about his experience and where it’s lead him in his career. My favorite quote from the luncheon was, ‘Do something every day for your career.’

Danielle West, Sr. Marketing Coordinator, Iowa Realty & BHHS First Realty

David’s presentation was top-notch. He got to the heart of what makes for effective communication, and he provided audience members with practical strategies for improving not only their communication skills, but also their professional life and their organization’s vitality.

Ryan McPherrin, VP of Programs, Illinois Chapter of the National School Public Relations Association

David is passionate and purposeful in helping leaders across organizations understand communication is leadership. His sessions were rated high by attendees.

Bridget Glavaz, Director of Internal Communications, Health Care Services Corporation

David did an excellent job of keeping the attention of my leadership team. He provided them with practical tools for improving their communications effectiveness that they were able to implement and practice immediately.

Jim Kadela, Senior VP Finance & Strategic Support, Health Care Service Corporation

David listens to what’s important to his client and audience who hear his presentation message. In turn, they connect to his call to action, in part due to his eloquent delivery, but also to his direct appeal for their reflection. It’s reassuring to those of us who plan leadership events that the audience received the intended value.

Debra Desmond, Leadership Development Consultant, Advocate Christ Medical Center

David is an enthusiastic, thought provoking speaker. He did a great job conveying the importance of internal communication and made it very relatable to our audience.

Amanda Seaman, Director, Events and Education, Shriners International

He was fantastic! One of the best sessions of the conference. Excellent take-aways and resources.

— IABC International Conference Attendee

David’s presentation was EXCELLENT...couldn’t have been more pleased.

— Caterpillar Session Attendee

The content and exercises were immediately transferable personally and professionally.

— Attendee, Global Leadership Academy, Webster University

David is delightful and his presentation was extremely well received by attendees. Many, in fact, stayed afterward to chat about it.

— IABC Chapter Program Director

David Grossman has really made me stop and think about my communications.

— Workshop Attendee, Abbott Laboratories

I just wanted to let you know that a number of staff mentioned to me (unprompted) how valuable and timely they found David’s presentation. It appears to have really hit the mark!

— Senior Leader, Abbott Laboratories

The communications presentation was very good. I enjoyed it (and learned a few things) personally and got very positive feedback from people in J48. There are very few presenter’s who can talk to a group that large for only an hour and have them walk away with both theory and some tactical tools that can be applied the next day.

— Workshop Attendee, Abbott Laboratories

David speaks to:

  • Corporate leadership. CEOs, VPs, and other senior leaders have all benefitted from David’s business-driven approach to communication. With real-life examples and measurable methodologies, David shows leaders how communication is more than just a “feel-good” element in any company. He teaches leaders how to use communication to create the productive workplaces and bottom-line growth that are the hallmarks of the nation’s leading companies.
  • Communications experts. David teaches senior communications experts and their teams how to earn their seat at the decision-making table. With a focus on the business case for communications departments and their expertise, David offers clear strategies for driving the business results and effectiveness that are at the heart of any successful internal communications program.
  • Corporate teams and divisions. Every company is only as good as the parts that comprise its whole, and David works with teams from across corporate divisions to teach them the techniques and strategies of effective communication. He helps teams understand how to use communication to become stronger and more effective to become meaningful and influential within their organization.
  • Industry verticals. Leaders and communicators in every industry face challenges that are both distinct and universal. Based on his years of experience working with companies in the pharmaceutical, technology, retail, restaurant industries and more, David offers vertical-specific insight on the value of communication for leaders and communicators.

Speaking Topics:

  • Book No Cape Needed: Improve How You Lead and Communicate by Leaps and Bounds All leaders make mistakes when it comes to communicating. The good news is that – contrary to popular belief – you can become a highly effective communicator, even if it doesn’t seem like a natural skill for you. And once you learn the most important "dos" and "don’ts" for inspiring your team, it’s like gaining a superpower. You’ll be able to move your employees to action in a variety of new ways, and you’ll transform your company as a result.

    You’ll walk away from this session with a fresh perspective on communicating with your most important asset – your employees. You’ll get specific advice – the do’s and don’ts that will make a real difference for your company and how to plan your communications in just five minutes so every communication achieves your business outcomes. After all, great communication isn’t just about helping a company or team go from good to great. Instead, it allows you to create a lasting legacy through improved performance. And so much more.

  • Authenticity Be More Authentic to Lead Better in Business and Drive Results: Find your authentic voice in business. There’s no magic formula to authentic leadership or a certain “type” of leader who’s most effective. However, there are strategies that can help you be more of your true self in the workplace to build relationships, drive engagement and deliver business results. Authentic leaders have healthier work lives, and excel in real, meaningful relationships. They sleep better at night, and get better results through others.

    In this session that’s focused on self-awareness, attendees will learn, what authenticity is and isn’t, how to know how you’re doing at being authentic, along with ways to build your emotional intelligence, examples of leaders who reap the benefits of authentic leadership and how they build trust, and more.

  • Think How to Think Like A CEO, and Other Must-do Strategies to Improve Yourself – With No Budget What do the most successful leaders do? How might you “try on” some of the strategies of proven performers to see what’s best to help you develop?

    Using the lens of the Top 10 CEO Care Abouts, this session will explore the knowledge, skills and abilities that matter most. Participants will take a self-assessment to understand personal strengths and opportunities, and select the Top Three Actions that will have the greatest positive impact.

    This session is for anyone who wants to grow and who cares about being even better. There is always something about ourselves we can improve. And this session give you the tools and mindset to help you enact change back at the office.

  • Communications 21st Century Communications: Successful Strategies to Deliver Authentic Communications that Engage Employees and Build Reputation In today’s fast-paced business environment, leaders compete to get their messages through to employees and new lessons are emerging from today’s front-line worker. At the same time, corporate brand and reputation have never mattered more, as CEOs know any decision made will be communicated to everyone in our interconnected world.

    All this means that the communication professional’s role is changing, and those who fail to evolve will be left behind.

    Learn what 21st Century Communications means for organizations today, and the Top 10 Principles to guide communication professionals who want to take the lead and create value in smart and highly impactful ways for their organizations.
  • Internal Branding small The Power of Internal Branding:
    The Communicator’s Secret Weapon
    Building great brands starts on the inside. In today’s uncertain times, how do you drive engagement with employees that empowers them to help you build your organization’s reputation and deliver on your Brand Promise? What might the impact be of harnessing the power of your internal audiences to tell your story and advocate for your organization? Learn the promise and power of a strong internal brand.
  • Book You’re Already Doing It What to Do When You Can’t NOT Communicate David offers practical insights on how top leaders differentiate themselves. From learning the realities of a new workplace where leaders must be communicators to understanding how communication can directly influence the bottom line, audiences take away valuable perspective, best practices, and proven, actionable tools that they can start using right away.
  • Face-to-Face Face-to-Face Communication: Proven Approaches from the "Anti-Social Media Guy" Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter — while technology might seem faster and easier, it’s not the end-all-be-all connector or motivator. The truth is employees crave a real connection and they want to be inspired and engaged through good ol’ fashioned conversation. Turn off your smartphone and open your eyes to what’s possible when you’re "about face."
  • Ebook Cover Getting to Great: How to Fast-Track Your Leadership Impact Leaders are made, not born. Whether a team leader or not, everyone can sharpen the leadership and influencing skills needed for both professional and personal growth. If you want to advance your career, work more effectively with your teams, and better serve your clients, you need to develop the ability to truly lead and influence — not just manage and direct.
  • Reputation Putting Employees First To Build Reputation It’s never been more important to activate your employees to help build reputation. Today’s Brands are built from the inside-out. Learn what the most successful companies are doing to take care of their employees and drive meaningful engagement that leads to business results.
  • Reputation Top 8 Consulting Mistakes Communicators Make Communicators, whether in an agency or internal function, take their role as counselors seriously — but many unknowingly commit critical errors that negatively impact their advice, the work product, and ultimately, their credibility. Learn the traps and biggest mistakes communicators make that keep your advice from being sought, along with proven strategies and tools to help you avoid the pitfalls.

    Participants will walk away with valuable perspective, best practices, and proven, actionable tools that you can start using right away. This workshop is a unique opportunity to learn winning strategies you can use every day and engage in thought-provoking discussion so you can differentiate yourself, elevate your leadership impact, and accelerate business results.

    Presentation by our President Kate Bushnell