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Powerful Leadership Keynotes That Inspire & Educate

Award-winning leadership speaker & communication expert David Grossman helps leaders across industries master the power of communication, champion authenticity, and lead with heart to bring out the best in their teams and achieve business results.

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1100 + trainings delivered
13500 + session attendees
20 Fortune 100 clients
4 award-winning books

About David Grossman

As a leadership keynote speaker, David Grossman is one of the industry’s foremost authorities on leadership communication, as well as a sought after speaker and advisor to Fortune 500 leaders.

A Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), he’s delivered hundreds of keynote addresses and leadership trainings to some of the world’s leading organizations. David is an award-winning four-time author. His latest book is “Heart First: Lasting Leader Lessons from a Year the Changed Everything.”

He’s a member of the Forbes Communication Council and the Arthur W. Page Society. His leadercommunicator blog has been ranked #1 by Feedspot eight years in a row.

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Programs for Leaders & Communicators

David Grossman offers customizable programs that educate and inspire your entire team.

Heart First Method for Every Leader-Communicator to Lead with Impact

In this session, David shares the best strategies and tips for Heart First leadership what he defines as leading with empathy, humanity, and authenticity.

This topic provides a special focus on the unique role of communications leaders who wear two hats: one as leaders themselves, and a second managing and influencing a critical and complex set of stakeholders. Both hats are vital to building and protecting the employee experience and the business.

The Power of Heart First Authenticity

After years of unprecedented change brought on by the pandemic and social unrest, we’re in a time that calls for a new level of inspired, authentic leadership – what David defines as a “Heart First” approach. Heart First leadership is about championing empathy, humanity, and authenticity to build stronger, trusting relationships, which improve engagement, retention, and business results.

In this interactive session, David defines the seven attributes of Heart First leadership and will help leaders up their game as a strategic communicator with tips, tools, and time savers to build meaningful dialogue with their teams.

You Can’t Not Communicate

Everything you do communicates, whether it’s intentional or not. As a communication keynote speaker, David uses this session to offer from-the-field insights on how the top leaders he works with differentiate themselves.

He’ll equip audiences with best practices and actionable tools they can start using right away.

No Cape Needed: Improve How You Lead & Communicate by Leaps and Bounds

Becoming a ‘natural born leader’ is similar to becoming an ‘overnight success story’: Neither happens by chance or overnight.

David provides a fresh perspective on communicating with employees, addresses how to plan communication in just 5 minutes, and introduces audiences to small tips that will improve their performance as leaders by leaps and bounds.

Finding Your Most Authentic Voice Through Self Awareness

Leaders often think they have to emulate someone else’s style to be effective. The reality is there is no one “type” of effective leadership style. What people respond to most – at work and in life – is the authenticity of the person leading them.

David guides audiences through strategies to shed any adopted personas they’ve acquired and reconnect with their true selves in the workplace. He’ll offer strategies for building emotional intelligence necessary to rise above the fray and stand apart as a leader.

Understanding Employee Needs & Wants Today to Drive Engagement

This session is about one of an organization’s most critical stakeholders – employees. Imagine if we better understand employees and their needs and wants today. How would that inform how we think about the employee experience, engagement, and help us accelerate business results?

In this interactive session, David covers a model to understand employees’ fundamental communication needs, a persona for today’s employee and what that means for leaders, and how to harness what you learn to meet the needs of your organization today.

“Thanks for instilling in our leaders the vital importance of communicating inside the organization. We will rely on your messaging to reinforce how to drive our strategy in day-to-day work to make the impact so desperately needed by the planet and all its people.”

Change & Communication Lead | World’s Leading Crop Nutrition Company

Your [session], as usual, was magical and we are beyond grateful for what we know will have a ripple effect in our organization through this group of chain champions/amazing leaders!

Zulma Hernandez, Vice President, Talent & Organizational Development | RNDC

David Grossman is a trusted communication professional and inspires and engages his audiences to take strategic risks … He reminds us that with the right internal positioning, employees have the potential to be the most powerful, and truthfully, the biggest influencers in any organization.

Shelby Curry, Former Senior Internal Communication Manager | Disney

Mr. Grossman delivered a program well beyond [our] expectations by engaging, challenging, inspiring, and delighting seasoned bankers during several hours of intense interactive sessions.

Paul Maxwell, VP & Senior Communications Officer | Hancock Holding Company

David was one of the most well-prepared, dynamic, and engaging speakers from whom I’ve had the privilege to learn.

Heather Cavanaugh, Former Director, Corporate Communications | Alaska Communications

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