leadercommunicator™ Training for Leaders at Every Level

Learn the skills and tools you need to connect with employees and drive results through communication


An elite few are born leaders. The rest of us have to learn this critical skill.

One of our core practice areas is helping leaders improve their effectiveness and leadership impact, specifically in the area of critical communication skills.

We offer a suite of training courses based on a proven set of tools and methodologies that address the most common pain points with strategies and techniques that can be implemented right away.

These training courses cover several topics and are customized to meet varying needs, including:

  • Building Effective Messages: Know how to build strategic messages using a proven process to hit the mark and yield results.
  • Planning Effective Communication: Become more purposeful in how you lead and communicate through our five-step planning process.
  • Giving and Receiving Tough Feedback: Learn the delicate art of constructive feedback and how to use it to drive the right behaviors among the team.
  • Supervising for Success: Learn the art of listening, barriers to communication, and how to check for understanding to be an effective leader.
  • Stepping Up: For new managers, walk away with a better understanding of the role and valuable skills for engaging and managing people.
  • Presenting to Win: Elevate leaders’ presentation skills using The Grossman Group’s strategic planning process and learn best practices in delivery technique, knowing the audience, setting expectations and achieving presentation objectives.
  • Two-Way Communication: Get more of what you want done through courageous and empathetic two-way communications.
  • Storytelling: Create your own Storytelling Platform to connect with employees and build their personal and professional credibility and effectiveness, while improving the team’s performance.
  • Media message training: This is an intensive training program designed to maximize leaders’ opportunities to get the organization’s message across during defining moments with the media. The training helps leaders understand and evaluate the media situation, organize their thoughts and sound bites, broaden to include organizational messages, and handle the unexpected with ease and confidence.

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