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12 Tips for Employers to Navigate the Future World of Work

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With thousands of employees shifting to working from home and on-site workers dealing with new health and safety concerns amid the COVID-19 pandemic, today’s employers face a range of pressing questions about the future world of work.

The eBook includes our top 12 tips for employers to help them effectively manage their employees during the pandemic and beyond, and stories from companies successfully managing COVID-19 and other business challenges. It also includes overall strategies for motivating and engaging employees through a dramatically changing work environment.

12 Tips for Employers to Navigate the Future World of Work is a quick and easy reference guide with insights on employers’ most pressing needs today.

Topics include:

  • Crafting a specialized response to the needs of on-site employees during a pandemic
  • Establishing a flexible response to where employees work in the future
  • Creating a smooth transition for new employees coming on board virtually
  • Re-setting priorities and goals given the new realities of the economy today
  • Enhancing your culture to improve how you operate and win
  • Communicating with impact
  • Strengthening the employee/employer relationship through trust
  • And more!

Employers who can identify the best working situations for their teams  now and in the future  will be better poised to succeed and win.

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