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5 Communications Essentials to Manage Layoffs the Right Way

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The number of companies poorly handling employee layoff announcements has piled up in recent years, grabbing headlines for their cruelty and rudeness.

When leaders aren’t properly prepared and don’t communicate well, they can create lasting damage to the company’s reputation.

In addition, it can destroy the confidence and trust of the remaining employees who will be called upon to lead the organization forward after the cuts.

The eBook, 5 Communications Essentials to Manage Layoffs the Right Way, offers strategies for leaders and communicators for better managing difficult layoff announcements for the impacted employees, those that remain and external stakeholders paying attention to the news.

This resource shares tried-and-true best practices for communicating layoffs more effectively and with empathy, including:

  • Mapping out all key stakeholders involved, and the messages needed for each
  • Thoroughly planning out the core materials needed for the announcement, including a base narrative, key messages, leader toolkits, FAQs, etc.
  • Coordinating a “run of show” that spells out who is informed and when, leading up to and on the day of the announcement, and in the weeks following
  • Supporting leaders to communicate the news with the proper context and communications tools
  • Equipping leaders to lead with empathy, so they can support their teams through the announcement, while also preparing employees for the future
  • Providing remaining employees a “reason to believe” in the organization and maintain trust in leadership in the midst of a period of disruption and change

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