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Wholesale Food Distributor

Taking Internal Communications to World-Class

Assessing Internal Communications to Drive Engagement and Accelerate Business Impact

The Challenge:  

Pandemic-related challenges have tested internal communications at every company in recent years. A wholesale food distributor rose to the challenge and quickly adapted to the “new normal,” implementing new ways of reaching its diverse employee base to keep them informed and engaged. They didn’t want to lose momentum behind the company’s new-found focus on internal communications.

The Solution:

The head of internal communications engaged The Grossman Group to assess the current state of communications, conduct an internal communication channel audit and improve internal communication effectiveness. Our Internal Communication Assessment included key activities, such as: 

  • Evaluating employee communication channels against best-in-class attributes for internal communications

  • Conducting leader interviews to understand their perceptions of current communications and desired improvements

  • Facilitating employee focus groups to understand their communication needs

  • Identifying and assessing new technology solutions to meet the company’s custom needs, with a focus on identifying a mobile/digital platform for reaching frontline employees

Key Results:

We’re currently building an ideal structure for internal communications covering people, processes and systems to bridge the gap between current and desired end state.


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