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Bekah Haynes

Bekah is a Vice President with The Grossman Group where she provides internal, executive, board and change communication solutions that enable clients to take their growth and success to the next level. With nearly 20 years of strategic communications experience, Bekah has counseled a variety of organizations in the healthcare, nonprofit, energy, education, real estate development, distribution and manufacturing sectors, among others. She is a Prosci-certified change practitioner and holds a Master's degree in communication arts.

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The Connection Between Change and Growth

Posted by Bekah Haynes on Mon, Aug 16, 2021


Nearly 18 months in, many of us can say we have been changed by the pandemic in some way or another. Yes, we have adapted to different ways of working, learning and living, but we also may have emerged with a new perspective on life and a realignment of priorities. This is true of many leaders who share their stories in David Grossman’s new book, Heart First: Lasting Leader Lessons from a Year that Changed Everything. Just as individuals and leaders have had to adjust as a result of the pandemic, businesses of all sizes have flexed, adapted and changed like never before, and many are grappling now with what reforms they will adopt moving forward.

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