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Burned Out & Checked Out: What Employees and Managers Need to Thrive

New data identifies the biggest drivers of burnout among managers and employees, and how to build a thriving culture.

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The constant pace of change and a variety of new demands are contributing to widespread burnout among employees and managers. 

This issue is becoming increasingly urgent for leaders to address. After all, organizations can only thrive when their employees thrive – and the signs are clear that many employees today are struggling. 

The study, Burned Out & Checked Out: What Employees and Managers Need to Thrive, conducted in partnership with The Harris Poll, addresses the state of employee well-being in America and uncovers the main drivers of burnout and thriving among employees and managers. 

This comprehensive research identifies the key barriers to overall well-being and helps organizations understand the critical steps needed to change course, steering employees from burnout to thriving.

Top findings from the research:

  • Widespread burnout is real and managers don’t recognize it in their own employees
  • Constant change is a primary reason for burnout, coming at a high cost to organizations
  • Managers and senior leaders have a critical impact on employees’ ability to thrive

Yet, there’s a clear path to improving the state of well-being in the workplace.

Throughout the report we address:

  • Key data you need about the state of employee and manager well-being in the workplace
  • Top drivers of burnout for employees and managers
  • Biggest indicators of thriving among employees and managers
  • A data-backed Culture Model to help you build a culture that thrives
  • The cost of not addressing burnout
  • What communicators, HR professionals, and senior leaders can do today to improve burnout

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