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Global Marketing Organization

Employees & Leaders Engaged in New Culture

Charting the Course for Culture Change

The Challenge:  

The new CEO and leadership team of a global marketing organization knew they needed their company culture to change to survive. The old ways of working were no longer serving the company – in fact, they were increasingly a disadvantage.

The Solution:

The Grossman Group guided the change efforts on this journey, including:

  • Working with the leadership team to align on a strategic framework

  • Engaging leaders and employees to co-create a shared mission, vision, values and behaviors that they believed in and owned

  • Codifying the new strategy and culture in a branded and memorable way

  • Equipping the top 100 leaders to champion the culture and new ways of working with an experiential workshop, culture Field Guide and gamification

Key Results:

The organization launched their new culture and behaviors just a few weeks before the pandemic—and it was just in time. Because they did the research and identified compelling and authentic values and behaviors, they were able to rally around the new culture, using it to unite teams around the world in the face of enormous challenge. Instead of just being “words on a poster,” the new culture made them stronger together, and is now an integral part of how they work.

  • Consistent employee engagement throughout the process led to smoother rollout of new culture throughout organization

  • Positive feedback from CEO on creativity and effectiveness of leader workshops

  • Culture metrics embedded in leader competencies for performance reviews


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