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Global Household Goods Manufacturer

Embed Business Strategy Throughout Organization

Embedding Strategy in a Global Function

The Challenge:  

A household goods manufacturer’s global supply chain was transforming. New leadership had a new vision, broader responsibilities, and a new strategy – which meant even higher stakes for the vital function representing more than 85% of the company’s workforce.

To succeed, the strategy needed to move from paper to practice so the thousands of team members around the world knew what was important, what priorities and actions to focus on, and what behaviors were needed for the Global Supply Chain (GSC) team – and the organization overall – to win.

The Solution:

The Grossman Group led the effort working closely with the head of the Global Supply Chain function and leadership team to:

  • Drive alignment as a leadership team around the function’s name, purpose and strategy

  • Articulate the function’s purpose, strategy and key behaviors in clear, relevant, sustaining framework for the global workforce

  • Imagine, plan and execute the first Global Supply Chain Convention for the organization – a weeklong gathering of the top 200 leaders to experience the strategy and activate it with their teams

  • Shape executive messaging and communications for the Convention and regular town halls

  • Equip people leaders with tools and employees with resources to use in offices and manufacturing facilities

  • Institute a performance program so the strategy was owned locally and remained top of mind, successes were celebrated and teams were accountable for results

Key Results:
  • Created a week-long experience for the Global Supply Chain's top 200 leaders to connect as one team and get to know the strategy inside and out

  • Exceeded business goals in part because of the function’s total alignment around its strategy

  • Embedded the strategy so deeply that the plan remains in place years later and is part of everyday business operations and communications

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