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Leading Biotech Company

Engaging Employees During Change

Empowering Leaders and Engaging Employees Through Change

The Challenge:

Not long after it was acquired by a global pharmaceutical company, a leading biotech company enlisted The Grossman Group to help build and support its internal communications infrastructure.

The biotech was growing rapidly and leaders recognized that strong internal communications was critical to sustained success – especially as it rebranded under the parent organization and navigated the challenges of a global pandemic.

The Solution:


  • Audited internal communications via employee focus groups and quantitative survey

  • Empowered leaders to communicate effectively with their teams, drawing on customized recommendations & communication platforms

  • Connected with and engaged employees through communications that broke down silos and highlighted employee-driven content

  • Deployed change management communications strategies to engage and retain employees through organizational change, including revamping Town Halls and preparing a CEO 100-Day Plan

Key Results:
  • 83% of employees rated the communication value of the town hall announcing the organization’s rebranding favorably
  • 57% of employees said they felt even more connected to the company’s mission following a special internal event celebrating their impact on patients’ lives

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