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Leading Pharmaceutical Company

Beyond ‘Just Another’ Town Hall

Serving up a Dose of Inspiration

The Challenge:  

Employees at a leading pharmaceutical company were change-weary from the volume and intensity of ongoing change, and feelings of uncertainty and anxiety were rising.

The Solution:

We partnered with the communications team to create a reset moment for the organization called Dose of Inspiration, during which the team came together to:

  • Pause to acknowledge changes and challenges
  • Recognize and celebrate associates and milestones
  • Re-center on their critical mission – transforming the lives of patients
    and their families
  • Inspire associates about the future and their role in the company’s success

The event was not just another town hall – content was inspirationally toned and high level, versus focused on business updates. It featured both internal and external speakers who helped associates take stock of how they can find inspiration from their patients, one another and within.

The inaugural event was such a success, it’s not only become an annual tradition – now heading into its fourth year – but has grown into an overarching internal communications campaign to engage and inspire associates throughout the year.

Key Results:

After Dose of Inspiration, Attendees reported feeling:

  • 90% more inspired in their role

  • 84% confident that the organization is headed in the right direction

  • 69% more connected to the organization’s mission

What employees are saying…

  • Absolutely inspiring from start to finish.

  • The most impactful and inspirational internal event that I have ever attended at [company].

  • It was a great reinforcer on why I am here and the contributions I make! THANK YOU!!


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