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Global Auto Parts Manufacturer

66% Increase in Employee Engagement Scores

Harnessing the Power of Front-Line Employees

The Challenge: 

A global auto parts manufacturer was starting its largest operational transformation to date, but low employee engagement risked the entire undertaking. 

The Solution:

The organization and The Grossman Group created a path for plant success by transforming plant managers into empowered people leaders. Efforts included:

  • Leading with data by researching industry best practices
  • Developing a maturity model that outlined the path to best-in-class for the plants and pinpointed where they were on the journey
  • Empowering plant managers with new self-service communications tools that even the busiest of plant managers could utilize
  • In-the-moment coaching to help plant leaders navigate real issues as they happened
Key Results:
  • Double-digit gains in engagement scores in one year for nearly all plants in the program
  • 66% increase in one year in employee engagement scores at the lowest-ranked plant; the same plant became the best-practice model for communicating and operations
  • 3 plants proactively asked to join the program after hearing about its value
  • Communications were invited to join the task force to formally integrate the communication model in the companywide change approach for plant operations
  • Increase in global best practice sharing using the plant communications playbook
  • International Business Award and American Business Award Winner

“We are fans for life because you helped us, made life easier for us and I know I can count on you…” 

- A plant manager from the pilot


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