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Free Quick Guide for Internal Communicators

How to Overcome Common Challenges in Advising Leaders on Big Issues

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One of the most challenging parts of a communicator’s job today is how to help leaders respond when big issues arise.

The list of potential topics is endless – ethics scandals, layoffs, world conflicts, a pandemic, climate concerns, and more.

Pivotal research – including some of our recent studies with The Harris Poll – shows that silence often backfires, leading to employee disengagement, a lack of trust in leadership, and worse, distraction and business slowdown.

Given this, we’ve developed a guide to help you know how to strategically advise leaders on what to do and how to do it well, How to Overcome Common Challenges in Advising Leaders on Big Issues.

It provides solutions to handle challenges such as:

  • Leaders concerned with offending employees or causing backlash
  • Speculation that employees aren’t impacted because they’ve been quiet
  • Not knowing what to say
  • When showing empathy is considered a sign of weakness
  • Fear that external “culture wars” will impact business
  • And more

The core principle – and our central belief – is to recognize that employees need to know and experience that their leaders genuinely care about them, especially in the moments that matter most.

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