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Internal Communications as a Differentiator for Healthcare Post‑Pandemic

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While healthcare will always be complex, COVID-19 has pushed those in the healthcare industry to their limits, and there's an opportunity to break through the communication clutter and make outstanding employee communication a priority within an industry that centers around people.

This resource provides communication leaders with a turnkey guide for revamping their internal communication efforts to meet the unique needs of healthcare employees working in today’s unprecedented environment, including: 

  • Core challenges in today's healthcare business environment and what that means for communicators 
  • Communication's role in business strategy (and why strategies fail) 
  • The impact of poor communications on business overall and tips for how to turn it around 
  • New data on leaders and their ability to build trust in corporate America today 
  • The latest approach to building an effective and realistic Employee-Employer Contract within healthcare 
  • The multitude of benefits from better communication inside the healthcare industry 

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