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The Grossman Group-The Harris Poll: Study on Internal Communications About the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Employee confidence in senior leadership, alignment with company culture, and engagement soars 4 to 6 times when leaders communicate effectively about the Middle East conflict.

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We often hear from CEOs and other top-level leaders that they don’t want to speak out on an issue such as the Middle East because it’s a political issue.

By not communicating, leaders are sending a message as well. Listening and showing that you care is not political.

This study provides a fresh perspective on employee confidence in senior leadership, alignment with company culture and engagement as it relates to internal communication about the Middle East and what that means for leaders when future issues arise.

A sample of key findings include:

  • Confidence in senior leadership, alignment with company culture, and overall employee engagement increased 4 to 6 times for organizations that communicated effectively on the current Israeli-Palestinian conflict coupled with manager outreach.

  • Despite that, just 1-in-5 employees reported that their employer shared an official internal statement on the issues in the Middle East and only about 1-in-6 employees reported that their manager directly communicated with them.

  • Yet, 51% of employees reported being affected by the Israeli-Palestinian conflict – almost 10 times what you’d expect by population alone.

  • And much more

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