How can I be a better leader?”
How can we help our managers communicate better?”
Information is getting stuck in the middle.
How can we fix that?”
How do I improve my employee satisfaction scores?”
How do I improve the competency of my team?”
How do I get my team focused on what's most important?”
I want to train my managers to be better.
Where should I start?”
leadership development, leadership training

Leadership Development & Training

An elite few are born leaders; the rest of us have to learn this critical skill.

The Grossman Group works with senior leaders to help them improve their effectiveness and leadership impact, specifically in the area of critical communication skills.

From executive coaching to address individual business, leadership and communication challenges to training sessions with groups of leaders, our approach is built on customized coaching solutions based on a proven set of tools and methodologies, which address the most common pain points with strategies and techniques that can be implemented right away. Tools are available for both leaders and the communication professionals who support them.

Executive Coaching

One-on-One Coaching

Personalized executive coaching to improve business, leadership, and communication effectiveness in driving business results. Options include using world-class 360 diagnostics to help leaders improve self-awareness of leader competencies and gaps and to address areas for improvement.



Planning Effective Communication

Become more purposeful in how you lead and communicate by using two must-have tools:

  • The Grossman Group’s 5-step planning process, which helps you effectively plan any communication.
  • And our Communications Cadence to ensure the right rhythm of communication with your key audiences.




leadercommunicator Platform & ePlatform

The leadercommunicator platform helps senior-most leaders develop and articulate their strategy, drive change, and engage employees to execute strategy and achieve results. The world-class, dynamic platform is a three-in-one business, communication and organizational development tool.

Leaders on the go can now have a digital, app-like version of their customized platform. Designed for their iPad or tablet, the ePlatform enables leaders to always have quick and easy access to their core messages at their fingertips wherever they are.