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11 Tips for Manager Conversations on Employee Well‑Being

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Like everything in the workplace, strong leadership makes a big impact on overall employee wellness. Gallup’s Global Workforce Report recently made this point forcefully, noting that poor management “leads to lost customers and lost profits, but it also leads to miserable lives.”

We know from prior research that managers have the greatest impact on moving employees to action and getting employees fully engaged.

Knowing that employees are suffering a "burnout epidemic" of sorts, it’s all the more important for managers to step in with the most productive techniques for promoting well‑being.

To help, this quick guide, 11 Tips for Manager Conversations on Employee Well‑Being, walks you through tried-and-true practices to help support the well‑being of your employees.

Get guidance on:

  • Creating a positive work environment
  • How to discuss tough topics when crises arise, whether employees are personally impacted or not
  • Giving employees an opportunity to share their strengths and what work they most enjoy, and to set their own goals
  • Discussing well-being one‑on‑one with employees
  • Sharing personal stories and lessons related to well-being
  • Regularly revisiting work‑life balance
  • Prioritizing the topic of mental health and resources available
  • And more

When managers use these tips, they not only empower their team members and improve their overall motivation, they also become better leaders who demonstrate their commitment to their employees and inspire them to action.

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