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Global Manufacturer of Tools & Hardware

Rallying Leadership to Create One Path Forward

Transforming for Growth

The Challenge:

This global tools and household hardware manufacturer was rolling out a new business transformation and the biggest element of this change was Global Supply Chain (GSC). GSC needed to reinvent not only what it did but how it worked with the company to drive billions of cost out of the system, and fuel growth for years to come.

The Solution:

The Grossman Group was engaged to work with the Global Leadership Team to evolve how they lead as well as seek input from the company’s top leaders on the next three-year strategy. From there, we focused on designing their Leadership Conference and rolling out the strategy. Given the complexity, we knew it would be important to bring the audience on a purposeful journey. We built the meeting around three acts: what must change and why, the three-year strategy, and shaping our future together.

We created a different kind of meeting – one that concurrently informed, involved and inspired the audience. Each moment – whether through experiences, dialogue and interaction, outside perspectives, or live co-creation – created clarity with the audience around their role in bringing the strategy to life for their teams.

In the end, the audience was galvanized around the future – ready to serve as ambassadors for the rest of the organization.

Key Results:
  • +97% overall effectiveness of meeting
  • +99% confidence and optimism stronger than before
  • +99% leaders are committed to transformation
  • +97% know what I need to do to bring strategy to life

"I cannot thank you enough for your partnership and what you helped us achieve this week. Our activities, experiences, and messages exceeded my expectations. More importantly, every single supply chain leader walked away committed and with clarity. We have built true ambassadors to drive our path forward. You have been great partners with our internal team and that made us all better. From the bottom of my heart: THANK YOU and GREAT JOB."

– Global Chief Supply Chain Officer


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