Virtual Trainings for Leaders and Communicators During COVID-19

Leader Skill Building from Anywhere in the World


Leaders and communications teams are in new terrain and there’s lots to figure out, fast and in many cases, virtually as employees are looking to them for answers and a sense of calm.

Here’s a list of short (60 minutes or less) virtual, web-based classes for leaders and communicators to get set up quickly for this “new norm” of leading others during times of change, with remote teams, and more.

Which of these virtual trainings do your leaders and teams need right now?

  • Build Your Weekly Communication Plan:
    The best leaders plan their communication and ensure a regular cadence of information flow each week. Now, with more people working remotely, leaders need a new rhythm to stay in touch with their teams and key stakeholders. This web-based workshop helps leaders build a customized communication plan for the week to establish purposeful connections and interactions with teams, customers and key stakeholders. A workshop for any leader looking to accelerate business and engagement. The class includes a coaching follow-up session to review the leader’s communication plan.

  • Message in the Moment—Five Steps in Five Minutes:
    All eyes are on leaders to share information real-time – and it’s no easy task when things are changing by the hour or companies are in unchartered territory. This web-based workshop helps leaders prepare their key messages in five minutes or less so that employees and key stakeholders are in the loop and have the information they need.

  • Leading & Communicating in Times of Uncertainty:
    Great leaders are made during times when teams are most challenged both professionally and personally. Through this web-based workshop, leaders learn how to keep their teams informed, connected and focused on organizational and customer needs.

  • Empathy for the Strong Leader:
    This web-based workshop helps leaders balance accelerating the business with demonstrating authentic empathy and concern for employees, customers and other key stakeholders during times of uncertainty. Know the questions on their minds and how to address them in meaningful ways that show you care and drive action and results.

  • Top Five Ways to Keep Your Remote Team Connected Virtually:
    With teams working remotely, staying connected can be a challenge. This web-based workshop gives leaders the top five ways to keep teams operating as a cohesive team and connected to mission, strategy and priorities so they can do their best work and live your company culture.

  • Listening:
    As companies navigate tremendous change, the need to listen – and feel heard – remains constant. This web-based workshop helps leaders elevate how they dialogue with teams and key stakeholders for active listening that leads to greater understanding and meeting their strategic and information needs.

  • Delivering and Receiving Feedback:
    Whether virtual or in-person, being able to share feedback is critical for individual and team performance. This web-based workshop helps leaders create an environment where feedback is welcomed and learn a framework that makes giving and getting feedback easy.

Could training help take your team to the next level during these unprecedented times?

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