How To Create Line of Sight For Your Employees

Posted by David Grossman on Wed,Feb 15, 2017

To drive engagement, help employees personalize strategy and understand how they fit in

I wrote recently about research from a myriad of sources that shows that employees overall don’t understand company strategy. Said another way, they don’t get how they fit in. And that’s a missed opportunity.

This “fit” is often called line of sight. Put simply, line of sight means that employees can see the connection between their goals and the organization’s goals.

The benefits are many – to ensure that employee’s best efforts are helping achieve the organization’s goals, as well as to help them know that the work they’re doing matters. Employees want to know they’re making a contribution to the larger whole, which helps drive engagement.

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A Leader’s Lesson From Disney’s Moana

Posted by David Grossman on Tue,Feb 07, 2017

Steve and I took Avi and Noa to see Disney’s Moana recently, which is a wonderful tale about a young girl who leaves the safety of her island to save her people. Along the way, she has amazing adventures and learns a ton about herself.

Early on in the animated tale, the 16-year-old Moana ponders leaving her island, which no one in her family or tribe ever does. Her father has made it perfectly clear: “Going beyond the reef is forbidden.”

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Leadership Is More Than Just Leading Others

Posted by David Grossman on Wed,Jan 25, 2017

Leadership Is More Than Focusing On Your Followers

One’s not a leader without followers; yet to be effective, the focus can’t be just on those who follow.

Leadership involves persuading other people to follow and set aside their individual concerns, for at least a brief time, to pursue a common goal.

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3 Techniques to Help You Master Even the Toughest Q&A

Posted by David Grossman on Mon,Jan 09, 2017

We all get ‘em. Difficult questions.

Being prepared, and practicing three tried-and-true techniques can help you field with ease that challenging employee question (or the reporter who’s looking for a compelling angle).

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Management By Walking Around (MBWA): What Effective Leaders Do

Posted by David Grossman on Tue,Oct 18, 2016

Doctors do it.  Effective plant managers do it.  Those who manage others well do it, too.

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Define the ‘Outcome’ as 1st Step to Effective Communication

Posted by David Grossman on Wed,Oct 12, 2016

We spend a fair amount of time talking with our clients and the leaders we work with about “desired outcomes” -- the first step in planning any kind of communication. 

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7 Requirements of a Strategic Messaging Methodology

Posted by David Grossman on Wed,Oct 05, 2016

You might not yet realize the importance of a Strategic Messaging Methodology, or even know that you need one.  Isn’t that always how it is? You don’t know what you’re missing until you find it? 

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6 Tips to Help Employees Grow and Develop

Posted by David Grossman on Mon,Sep 26, 2016

Taking an active role in the development of your team demonstrates confidence and concern for the future of the organization. It also gives employees feelings of significance, community, and value.

When you create a culture in which employees can reach their goals and know their thoughts and insights are appreciated, you boost productivity, morale, and engagement.

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Foster Innovation by Empowering Your Teams

Posted by David Grossman on Wed,Aug 24, 2016

Research published in the June 2014 issue of Harvard Business Review on the timely topic of fostering innovation within companies underscores the value of encouraging employees to be decision-makers. The researchers, led by Harvard business scholar Linda Hill and former Pixar technology guru Greg Brandeau, spent hundreds of hours studying industries as wide ranging as filmmaking, e-commerce, auto manufacturing, professional services, high tech and luxury goods. They found that the most successful innovation leaders focused heavily on collaborative team building.

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Find Your Own Leadership Style

Posted by David Grossman on Mon,Aug 15, 2016

It can be tempting at times to adopt a leadership style that you appreciate in a boss.

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