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June 17, 2019

16 Must-Read Blogs on Internal Communications


What does it take to communicate and develop internal communication strategies more effectively? Even the most creative and innovative communicators can benefit from new communication tips and best practices – for themselves and for the leaders they support.

The communication professional’s role is evolving every day. The best communicators are listening ever more closely to every stakeholder and including ways to create dialogue and engagement. Here are 16 communication blogs (listed in alphabetical order), similar to this one, that I like to check in with on a regular basis.

Top 16 Blogs on Internal Communications

1. Alive With Ideas

Alive with Ideas is an independent ideas agency located in the UK that derives their name from how they feel and want their work to express. Their blog offers creative ideas to engage and communicate with employees using compelling visuals throughout. They also often publish beautifully designed, engaging infographics that communicate information in a fun way. Follow Alive With Ideas.

2. All Things IC by Rachel Miller

Rachel Miller is a professional communicator with nearly 20 years of experience. Prior to founding All Things IC in 2013, she worked with and on communication teams for Novartis and Visa and now supports and nurtures communication professionals so they thrive in their roles and is a regular keynote speaker. Rachel blogs about everything related to internal communications and provides valuable strategies, fresh insights and tips for folks in the industry, including those in HR and PR functions. Follow All Things IC.

3. backstitch

backstich (not capitalized on purpose) is a digital employee engagement platform built for HR and communications teams to better communicate with their employees, increase productivity, and accurately measure outcomes. Their backstitch team writers are fantastic at covering both broad and particular topics in internal communications from content calendars and company newsletter tips to developing employee focus groups and employee communications in store-level retail. Follow backstitch.

4. Communication Director

Communication Director is a magazine published quarterly where each issue focus explores a different communications topic from a variety of perspectives. Their blog features a range of articles that cover the full spectrum of the communications and public affairs portfolio. From digital to B2B and crisis communications to HR. You’ll also get insights into the careers of top communication professionals through in-depth interviews and Q&As. Follow Communication Director.

5. Harvard Business Review – Communication

Likely no secret to most of you, The Harvard Business Review is a go-to publication dedicated to smart management thinking with a mission of arming their readers with ideas that help them become smarter, more creative, and more courageous in their work. Under the communication topic of their blog, you’ll find new useful ideas and insights written by evidence-based experts on communication in the workplace – from giving and receiving feedback to difficult conversations, presentations and more. Follow Harvard Business Review.


6. IABC Catalyst

A known resource for folks in communications, IABC advances the careers of business communicators across the globe by connecting them to the diverse people and global insights needed to drive business results and help solve day-to-day challenges. The IABC Catalyst blog provides business communication strategies, innovations and perspectives and covers the latest in communication trends, practices and research through in-depth reports, how-to articles and interviews. Follow IABC.

7. IC Kollectif

IC Kollectif, an independent non-profit based in Montreal, is an award-winning global organization dedicated to the strategic management of internal communication as a business function. Their blog is composed of original content written in collaboration with forward-thinking communication professionals, educators, and researchers from around the globe. Articles include research briefs and reports, quick tips, guest blogs, and more relevant to internal communications. Follow IC Kollectif.

8. Institute of Internal Communication

The Institute of Internal Communication (IoIC), located in the UK, is dedicated to promoting a deeper understanding of internal communication. For over 70 years, IoIC has provided support, professional development, knowledge and networking to their members. Their blog covers valuable information from the world of IC written by professionals passionate about communications with unique perspectives from around the globe. Their internal communications insights range from the value of visuals and AI in the digital workplace to communicating across generations and building trust. Follow IoIC.

9. PR Say (PRSA)

Another staple organization in the world of communications, the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) is a professional membership organization serving the communications community globally with a mission to “make communications professionals smarter, better prepared and more connected through all stages of their career.” The PR Say blog focuses largely on the PR side of communications, but provides valuable information to all communicators from crafting business stories that resonate with readers to insights into company profiles and current trends. Follow PRSA.

10. Poppulo – IC Matters

Poppulo provides employee communications technology solutions for internal communicators and their organizations. Their blog targets internal communicators looking for best practice advice and industry insights from customizing your internal communications strategy and tips on your change management program to building trust with employees. Follow Poppulo.

11. Ragan Communications

Surely a resource already on your list, Lawrence Ragan Communications, Inc. has been a leader in training for communication professionals for more than 5 decades. Through their blog, newsletters, conferences, research reports and guides, Ragan Communications delivers practical advice, real-world solutions and field-tested strategies for today's communicator. Readers get practical advice, opinions, trends, and strategies in the field of internal communication. Follow Ragan Communications.

12. Several People Are Typing – Slack Blog

Slack is a software used for securely collaborating across teams, departments, offices and the globe. While their blog does cover how to use Slack, it’s also a great resource for insights on productivity, digital transformation and the future of digital communication. Follow Slack.

13. Simplycommunicate

Simplycommunicate, a consultancy helping organizations design, develop and implement social intranets and digital workplaces, published their first blog in 2005. Focusing on the digital side, their blog features hundreds of articles, case-studies and reports on various issues revolving around internal communications, social media, employee engagement and the internal stories of multinational companies across the globe. Follow Simplycommunicate.

14. SnapComms

SnapComms is a software designed to help communications teams get employees’ attention. They provide digital communication tools for internal communicators across a variety of channels. Their blog provides straight-forward, actionable insights, advice, tips and free tools to best engage employees. The internal communication topics covered often addresses real-life communication scenarios, ranging from how to communicate during extreme weather events and reducing compliance risk in financial services to motivating employees during a recession. Follow SnapComms.

15. Staffbase

Staffbase offers email software services that track, schedule, create templates for, and analyze all of your emails sends for internal communications teams (and sales). Their internal communications blog features great content on strategy, measurement, and content creation tools, employee newsletter tips and templates, and interviews with innovative professionals in the communications space. Follow Staffbase.

16. The Conference Board Marketing & Communications Blog

Founded in 1916, The Conference Board is the member-driven think tank that delivers trusted insights for the future of business. Their agenda is simple: To help leaders navigate the biggest issues facing business and better serve society. The Conference Board’s marketing and communications blog provides innovative approaches that make readers think- and act- differently. Their content reflects the input of their members and their real-world challenges. Follow The Conference Board.

Check in with these communication blogs to get countless tips and insights that you can apply to your own work within your organization today.

—David Grossman 

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