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3 Unique Ways Leaders Can Prioritize During Change

Posted by Jason Greenspan on Mon, Jun 13, 2022

There was a time, just a couple of decades ago, that change inside organizations was more the exception versus the norm. And the cause of that change was less externally driven – there wasn’t the perpetual risk that if you didn’t adapt, for example, to digital disruption, labor demands, or environmental, social, and governance expectations, you’d be left behind.

Beyond the implications this has for organizational ecosystems, it’s also having a profound impact on the people leading these companies. Across all our clients, we’re seeing leaders who are overwhelmed – feeling as though there’s no off-ramp on the hamster wheel of change.

It’s why a recent article I read by former New York Times “Corner Office” columnist, Adam Bryant, really hit home. While he wasn’t writing about change specifically, the following points – not direct quotes – resonated with me and can help leaders of all types navigate change.

3 Tips to Help Leaders Prioritize to Drive Change

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You Don't Need a Change Management Plan

Posted by Jason Greenspan on Mon, May 23, 2022

Organizations are facing more changes than ever. And it’s just not just change they’re facing, but a fundamental shift of power from employer to employee. With the competition for talent fierce, employee demands have never been greater.

That’s on top of the macro disruptors facing businesses of all sizes – such as supply chain, labor scarcity, and commodity volatility – as well as the industry-specific ones that have spared few businesses.

While that plays out in the background – or more often, foreground – we’re also telling employees on a regular basis that they need to be bolder. Shift their mindset. Be more agile. Think disruptively. Be leaner. Act in a more transformative fashion.

That’s a tall task. And it’s the reason that the answer for many organizations is consistent: “we need a change management plan.”

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