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October 28, 2015

Starting Thought: Communication Is a Superpower in Today's World

As a kid, I loved superheroes.

The famous Justice League of America was a huge hit with me. In fact, I spent way too many hours in front of our television. I’m sure I was sitting within three feet of the TV, hurting my eyes, just so I could turn the channel with ease. Those were the days without remote controls—when you actually needed to get up and change the channel when a show didn’t interest you.


For me, it was all about rooting for the superhero. Being the good guy and making a difference was always important to me. And I wanted desperately to have my own superpower.

As I grew up

As I grew up, the realization settled in—painful as it was—that a superhero’s life was not in the cards. Instead, I settled on finding my own heroes, in real life, and learning from them. As I developed in my career as an executive coach and leadership communications strategist working with large corporations, I gravitated to leaders who clearly wanted to use their talents—their “superpowers”—for good, making a real mark on the lives of everyone around them.

I took what I learned from those courageous leaders as the foundation for my business, and have since advised hundreds of Fortune 500 CEOs and leaders at all stages of their careers and countless teams on how to be even more effective.

My message to all my clients is simple:

Communicating effectively gives you tremendous power to transform your company and your team, not to mention your relationships and your life.

You can use communication for high impact by coaching and mentoring someone, by influencing others who may be tentative or uncomfortable in a new role, or by helping develop a young person to be his or her best self.  In the same way, you can prevent the skeptics and naysayers from spiraling into a negative pattern, or help a struggling individual find the courage and the map to make real change. Lastly, you can use communication to make substantial changes that aren’t just about helping a company or team go from “Good to Great” but instead create a lasting legacy through a new strategic direction.

That’s why I believe that communication is really a superpower in today’s world, and certainly in today’s business and financial environment.

I've learned a lot from research and experience

What I’ve learned from my research and experience with clients is that when it comes to communicating on a higher level, it’s not as difficult as it may seem. I know it doesn’t always feel as if communicating is easy or the skill is easy to acquire. Sometimes it feels like it is just easier to not communicate. However, as I titled my first two books, “You Can’t NOT Communicate,” not communicating really IS communicating, so my thought for every leader everywhere is this: If everything communicates you might as well do it well.

No Cape Needed
will help you tap the power you have within you to become a courageous, inspirational leadercommunicatorTM—and do it in your own way. A way that’s true to yourself and what’s important to you. Let’s face it: No superhero cape, magic lasso or flying skills are needed. Just your desire, effort and an openness to change. A lot of people don’t think they can communicate well or don’t think they can develop the skill or style to be a strong communicator, but it is easier than you think. It just takes practice. If leaders at all levels of their organizations come to realize that, great things can happen for their companies. And they can become heroes of their own.

The “Dos” and “Don’ts” I share throughout my newest book come from work with our Fortune 500 clients who are taking the lead globally in the leadership and communication arenas. These aren’t just theories; they are proven strategies.

You, too, can become an inspirational leader

All you need is your desire, effort and an openness to change.

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No Cape Needed Leadership Book

-David Grossman

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