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One thing hasn’t changed since I first started the leadercommunicator Blog—effective leadership communication remains the secret to business success. Yet for most leaders, this is a significant blind spot that derails relationships, makes goals harder to achieve, limits advancement opportunities, and impedes overall business and personal success.

Here’s what many leaders don’t realize: They are already communicating whether they intend to or not. It’s human nature for others to read into our actions based on their perceptions. And as we know, actions speak louder than words. So, if we’re communicating with or without intention, my wish for every leader is to get good at it.

This blog is full of proven strategies to support one’s development – from entry level to CEO – on the leadership communication continuum. If you are new to the site, here are a few suggested places to start:

Most Recent Articles on Leadership Communication

Great Leaders Embrace New Ideas and Seek Them Out

Posted by David Grossman on Wed,Jul 10, 2019

Leaders often fall into the trap of thinking they have all the answers: “I’m the one with the vision and I know what my people need. I don’t need to hear their opinions.”

Yet the fastest way to lose employees’ confidence and trust is to make them feel their opinions don’t matter. We all need to resist our egos.

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6 Steps to Help Your Employees Understand Your Strategy

Posted by David Grossman on Mon,Jun 24, 2019

You might have the most compelling vision for your organization, but if you can’t get it out of your head and get others to see it and believe in it, it might as well not even exist.

Just because the strategy makes sense to you doesn’t mean it will take only an instant for others to see it like you do. We often think that others think as we do, that others see the world as we do, but it’s more likely that there’s a lot of ground to cover between their perspective and yours. Employees come to their jobs with their own context, and it’s the leader’s job to help them understand the collective context, including how you see the marketplace today, and how that led to your strategy.

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Improving Employee Engagement Through Better Communications

Posted by David Grossman on Mon,Jun 03, 2019

A proven formula for organizational success involves employee engagement, which we define as the emotional connection people have with work, which leads to discretionary effort – extra time, energy, brainpower, a willingness to take on a stretch assignment, and more. In other words, engaged employees are highly motivated to help an organization achieve its goals. And multiple research studies show that companies with engaged employees have better financial results. 

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Employee Disengagement and the Warning Signs to Look For

Posted by David Grossman on Wed,May 29, 2019

Disengaged employees have a staggering effect on business. Studies have shown that lower productivity has an estimated economic impact in the U.S. of $483 billion to $605 billion per year, while increased workplace injury, illness, turnover, absence and fraud have an even higher economic impact, according to Gallup. This is felt around the world at a global level, but it also has very personal and immediate effects on organizations, departments, teams and, as a result, individual employees.

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Two Times It’s Important to Share Information as a Leader

Posted by David Grossman on Wed,May 22, 2019

How do you decide what information is mission-critical for employees? Many employees want to know everything that’s going on. But that’s impossible to accomplish and is also an unrealistic expectation. 

Follow these 2 times it’s important to share information with your employees:

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Open-Ended Questions Enhance Employee Communication

Posted by David Grossman on Mon,May 20, 2019

As a leader, you know that engaging employees and helping connect them to your business goals can directly impact the bottom line. Your internal communication plan can include two-way communication vehicles like feedback channels and listening sessions to help accomplish this. 

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CEOs: Hold Your Leaders Accountable to Communicate Your Strategy

Posted by David Grossman on Tue,May 14, 2019

Leaders in any organization and at all levels are held to high standards and judged by their performance in important areas impacting the business: sales, operations, marketing, efficiency, and development of their people, to name a few. But many are not held accountable for communicating with employees, which is arguably the foundation for success for everything else.

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Communication Breakdown: Are You Thinking About Your Audience?

Posted by David Grossman on Wed,May 01, 2019

Over the course of my career many leaders have lamented this: “Little I say seems to be resonating!?!?”

Although this can be very frustrating, it certainly does not mean that you should just stop communicating (as I’ve also heard…)

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Leadership Communication Drives Organizational Transformation – Guest Blogger Robert Ford

Posted by David Grossman on Mon,Apr 22, 2019

It often seems there is an invisible rubber band tethering a person to their past, to what we know to be safe and familiar. If you have studied Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs or think about your own experiences, you will recognize this human trait. For purposes of this blog, let me call this the personal elasticity of change.  

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Face-To-Face Communication: 6 Reasons to Lead in Person

Posted by David Grossman on Mon,Apr 15, 2019

We all know how technology enables communication – email, voicemail, text message, instant message, Twitter . . . the list goes on. There are more than enough ways to communicate, and too often they add up to message overload for employees.

That’s why when something is important, nothing compares to face-to-face communication. When a leader needs to inspire people—or move them to action—the best way to do it is to look people in the eye and tell them exactly what they need to know.

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