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Trust in the Workplace: 10 Steps to Build Trust with Employees

Posted by David Grossman on Mon, May 09, 2022

Whoever said “trust takes years to build, seconds to break and forever to repair” was correct.

Working with leaders and teams at many different organizations across industries over the last 20+ years, I’ve seen how trust opens doors to opportunities and can help people and companies grow beyond their wildest expectations. I’ve seen leaders and teams work through trust issues and get to the other side stronger and better. I’ve also seen how business can slow or stop without trust.

Those who get it right champion humanity, empathy and authenticity to build strong, trusting relationships, which improve employee engagement, retention and business results.

Let’s look at the environment of trust that we’re living and working in these days, and what leaders can do to build trust inside their companies.

Why is trust important in the workplace?

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New Free eBook: 7 Critical Traits for Building Trust Inside Companies

Posted by David Grossman on Mon, Feb 28, 2022

Employee engagement falling. People leaving their jobs in record numbers. Burned out employees seeking a new sense of purpose in their work. All these major trends can often be traced back to a lack of one key ingredient in work culture – trust in leadership.  

In our newly revised eBook, 7 Critical Traits for Building Trust Inside Companies, we offer new data, examine the trust problem and offer leaders a go-to playbook for how to reverse these trends and build a powerful new level of trust within the culture. 

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6 Steps to Make Delivering Difficult Messages to Employees a Bit Less Painful

Posted by David Grossman on Mon, Jan 17, 2022

It’s never easy to communicate difficult information to a group of employees. With today’s distributed workforce, those challenging moments can feel even harder. Though difficult, it’s these messages that sometimes stand out the most in employees minds and can impact morale moving forward. That’s why it’s important to prepare for tough conversations rather than shooting from the hip.

6 Steps to Deliver Tough Messages to Employees

You can start by knowing and applying these six essential steps:

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Recognition That Motivates: 3 Must-Have Components

Posted by David Grossman on Wed, Nov 10, 2021

With the "Great Resignation" in full swing and the evolution of what employee engagement means today, one component that hasn’t changed is the value employees place on recognition.

Whether a pat on the back, spot bonus or formal award, recognition can be a powerful tool in your communication arsenal. By showing appreciation and communicating a job well done in specific ways, you can enhance team performance and motivate employees to take their work to the next level.

4 Questions to Consider 

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Share Solid Feedback as Well as Motivation and Intent

Posted by David Grossman on Wed, Mar 10, 2021

It seems like a simple communication point but many of us forget to share the motivations behind our actions. As a result, we can leave people scratching their heads.

Think about what grade you’d give yourself on how well you give employees feedback. Many of the executives I work with are brutally honest and give themselves an F. They don’t make giving feedback a standard part of meetings and discussions; they give general (“good job!”) versus specific feedback (“Here’s what you did extremely well on this project….”); they often don’t give feedback at all or wait too long to give feedback; and they would have a hard time giving their boss feedback.

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Trust as a Powerful Tool for Leading Change

Posted by David Grossman on Wed, Feb 17, 2021

Jumping off a high dive. Getting behind the wheel for the first time. Giving your first speech in front of a large crowd. 

When you look back at some of the scariest things you’ve done in life, chances are a big reason you achieved them was trust. Maybe a parent was standing by your side to assure you a plunge from that sky-high diving board would actually be good for you, that you’d be ok, and that you had their support. In other cases, it may have been a friend, a spouse or a colleague guiding you and encouraging you. The trust you had in that person gave you the courage needed to take a leap, or simply follow their lead.

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Show You Care: 4 Must-Have Strategies to Build Feedback Channels in Your Organization

Posted by David Grossman on Wed, Jan 27, 2021

Employees who are highly engaged in their work perform better than their less-committed counterparts and boost the organization’s bottom line. Not surprisingly, building employee engagement involves two-way communication – both to and from employees.

Leadercommunicators – those leaders who understand the importance of communication, and how you can’t lead without communicating well – engage employees with various communication vehicles that help them connect the dots between individual efforts and organizational goals. But just as important as any leadership message is having systems in place to gather employee input and demonstrate its importance to the organization.

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4 Facts About Future-Focused Feedback: Why You Should Take this Approach

Posted by David Grossman on Mon, Sep 14, 2020

Feedback – usually for the purpose of motivating or directing behavior change in the person receiving it – is a key element in career relationships from mentorship and coaching to supervision and education. But it doesn’t always work as intended. Research published recently by faculty members at Australia’s Melbourne Business School shows which types of feedback conversations lead to better outcomes.

The Future of Feedback: Motivating Performance Improvement Through Future-Focused Feedback, published June 19 in the Public Library of Science (PLOS) Journal, documents the experience of hundreds of managers on three continents who participated in a written survey and two role-play studies related to feedback.

4 key findings from the study on future-focused feedback include:

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Motivate with Feedback: Focus on the 4 Fs of Feedback (and the Future)

Posted by David Grossman on Wed, Aug 26, 2020

Sharing feedback with colleagues is a critical part of working together successfully. Yet many people I talk with feel they could do a better job giving feedback, whether by being more prompt or direct, or simply by ensuring a conversation happens. Giving feedback can feel uncomfortable, maybe even more so when it has to be delivered virtually.

Personal discomfort aside, the truth is that most of us could be significantly more effective at work with regular input on what we’re doing well and what could be better. Timely, frequent and specific feedback helps everyone improve. We can better recognize blind spots, know what to keep doing and when to change course, and benefit from building relationships with those who give us the gift of their advice.

So how can we give feedback that gets results?

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Lead With Connection: How to Build Relationships That Help Drive Results

Posted by David Grossman on Wed, Aug 19, 2020

Leadership is personal, and in focusing on business goals, leaders can detach themselves from the human element in the workplace. Yet building trust and making a personal connection are key to motivating and engaging employees, which in turn are essential to delivering business results.

A recent study published in Harvard Business Review found three elements necessary for leaders to build trust among employees: positive relationships, good judgment/expertise, and consistency. Positive relationships ranked most important.

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